Don’t let the bedbugs bite (stab them in the feet)

Did you know that the leaves of some bean plants are inescapable death traps for bedbugs? Researchers are trying to create artificial materials that would do the same thing. That’d be handy, ‘cuz them buggers are nasty.


See-through brains

Check out this amazing new technique that makes the brains of (dead) lab mice transparent so researchers can easily find out what was going on in there.

The Swarm

Ever wondered how schools of fish or flocks of birds can move as one big, choreographed unit? Did you know that understanding the answer to that question allowed us to animate armies of orcs inĀ The Lord of the Rings? Find out more from this great article at Wired.

Jurassic Park… but real?

Ever wondered if we could really bring extinct animals back to life? This has been seriously discussed for some time now, with a few people already working on woolly mammoths. If this sounds interesting to you, check out some of the fabulous stories at this link. National Geographic has teemed up with a TEDx event to really explore this idea in detail. There’s all kinds of good stuff there.


It’s easy to imagine a bee visually inspecting flowers to decide which one looks most inviting, but how about sensing its electric field? It turns out that’s exactly what bumblebees are up to. Check it out.