HIV Deniers

Ars Technica– Here’s the latest salvo in the dangerous “debate” about HIV and AIDs. You see, some people deny that HIV causes AIDs, which notably led to the tragedy in South Africa. It really matters, and the story behind it involves the same psychology and spin as “skeptics” of climate change or evolution.

I really wish more people knew about this.


One response to “HIV Deniers

  1. What makes the HIV denier phenomena so scary is their convenient lack of knowledge of the proven advances in treatment of individuals who have HIV. Patients are living healthy lives for decades with medication. In the 1980’s people would drop off the face of the earth within months, years at most. I witnessed this happen to one of my mother’s friends. To disregard the miraculous progress that has been made is not only ignorant, it is insulting to the numerous professionals who have spent their entire lives researching new options. And it is an outrageous claim that something doesn’t exist when it has killed millions of people around the planet. It’s like saying hamburgers come from a magic wand and no cow out there is being slaughtered and suffering.

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