For this, you CAN blame the Sun

National Geographic–  The Sun goes through periods of being more or less active- when it’s more active, it emits more radiation.  During the past few months, the Sun has been particularly active, emitting more radiation and even blasting off some really huge solar flares.

This has a number of effects on the Earth, including the potential to damage power grids.  Another impact is that all the extra radiation hitting the planet actually expands the Earth’s atmosphere.  In the case of one dying satellite, this means that it’s going to die a little faster.  Researchers had predicted that the satellite would fall from orbit in early October, but with the expanded atmosphere, the satellite experiences more friction.  This causes it to fall faster, and is likely to hit Earth in the next day or so.  People still don’t know when (and therefore where) it will land, but the likelihood of it doing a person any harm is very small.

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