Joe the foe

Check out frequent FoxNews guest, meteorologist Joe Bastardi, proving that global warming is impossible in a single sentence!

[Video here:]

Did you catch that? He says global warming would violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics- that is, the conservation of energy. He’s basically saying you can’t change the temperature of the planet (at least without the sun changing). We’ve got, oh, about 4.5 billion years of climate data that would challenge that assertion. Furthermore, why is Venus so hot compared to the Earth when LESS sunlight makes it to the surface of Venus? The answer is greenhouse gases, which we’ve understood for over 100 years now. More greenhouse gases, more heat trapped. I can show you this in a classroom demo.

A high school physics student could point out the breath-taking flaws in his argument, yet he’s Fox’s go-to climate “expert”. I wonder why so many Americans think climate change is “controversial”…


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